Relive Or Redefine History in The Great War: Western Front - Available Now!  

Relive Or Redefine History in The Great War: Western Front - Available Now!  

​It’s time to rally your troops! The Great War: Western Front is now available via Steam and the Epic Games Store!

Real Time Strategy veterans, Petroglyph are back with another captivating title, The Great War: Western Front. This time, they have delivered the definitive first world war strategy game with both turn-based and real-time elements. The Great War: Western Front challenges your decision-making on every level from the heat of the moment to the grand schemes that unravel over the course of the campaign. All of this action is complimented by footage from the archives of the Imperial War Museums to deepen the experience with historical context and realism.

When you arrive to the front, you must choose to lead either The Allied Forces or the Central Powers in gritty battles on a living, persistent battlefield. Laying trenches effectively, timing your charges, and capturing key locations will ensure the best odds of success. Between battles, you will also guide your faction to victory through high-level strategic decisions in the Theatre of War.

Assessing all aspects of the battlefield and greater theatre of war will guide and inform every decision. Make sure you’re well equipped and enhance your experience with the Victory Edition! This version contains:

•  The Great War: Western Front™ Full Game Download
•  A Digital Field Guide Containing Additional In-Game Intelligence
•  Five Wallpapers (Digital Download)
•  The Original Soundtrack Featuring 31 Tracks from Frank Klepacki (Digital Download)

Victory Edition

As you step into the role of Theatre Commander for the first time, you will quickly learn that maintaining the front line is critical. With each turn marking one month of the war, you will manage your supplies and manoeuvre your troops to apply pressure on the enemy position while gaining intel and identifying targets for attack. Meanwhile, the enemy is doing the same, so outsmarting them and applying constant pressure is crucial to making progress. Throughout this process, the war of attrition and battle of inches become clear. Master this style of warfare to win through breaking the enemy side’s National Will.

Beyond outlasting the enemy and eroding their National Will, there is a way to push forward. Through careful planning and savvy tactics as Field Commander, you can slowly but surely gain ground and capture territory. The ultimate goal of this strategy is to capture the enemy’s Headquarter Region; Paris for the Allied Forces and Kreuznach for the Central Powers. The road to victory in this manner is arduous but decisive. Executing this long-term strategy will require both victory on the battlefield against incredible odds as well as innovative decision making at the Theatre level. Learn more about marrying the responsibilities in each role in this post our and our behind the scenes video:

As masters of their craft, Petroglyph have expertly woven decision making at all levels into one immersive experience. The Great War: Western Front uniquely allows you to make these choices and through them either relive or redefine history. Among the many systems that allow you to do this, the campaign’s Technology Tree greatly influences the direction of the war. By researching various technologies you may introduce equipment such as tanks or planes sooner in the timeline than they did historically to see how that influences the outcome. Equally, you will have the option to remain faithful to how events unraveled in the past, relying on your tactical knowledge to move the needle.

The theme of reliving or redefining history continues into the additional game modes: Skirmish (custom battles), Multiplayer, and especially Historic Battles. In the latter, you will test your skills in pre-made scenarios which represent key conflicts throughout the war.

FDY - Dead Woods, Autumn

We would like to thank and congratulate the team at Petroglyph for delivering an authentic and deeply engaging experience. Now, the fate of your faction’s troops and the outcome of the war are now in your hands, and the weight of every decision rests firmly on your shoulders. Take command and lead your side to victory!

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