June Update: Mod Support

June Update: Mod Support

Reporting in, Commanders!

New intelligence has arrived regarding two free updates arriving this summer to offer mod support, securing you greater control over the battlefield. This support will allow a deep level of customisation and ability to change almost any aspect of the game. This will include adding new units, altering mechanics, balance, custom battles, and more. These updates will also deliver new content and quality of life changes to further enhance your experience. The first update will arrive next week featuring:

Modding Tools

Mod Manager

This in-game feature enables the browsing and toggling of various mods. It supports custom player-created LUA and XML mods, textures, models, and audio. Steam Workshop will be supported and Epic players will have access via copying any mods they download into the mods folder accessible via the Mod Manager.

Model Converter

This tool allows you to create models in software such as Blender or use pre-existing ones.

Custom Units

Using these tools, you can create new units or edit existing ones.

Custom Campaigns

Use XML and LUA to create your own Custom Campaigns. Customisation will range from the ability to make simple adjustment to parameters such as starting National Will to broad changes such as custom events, maps AI etc. that would allow for a highly self-crafted experience. The update comes with a sample Custom Campaign, presented as a mod, which will automatically download as part of the update and demonstrate set-up and parameters.

French Colonial Infantry Units

Additional Content and Quality of Life Changes

New Infantry Units

Army Corps of Africa (French)

  • French Foreign Legion Company (Elite)
  • North African Tirailleurs Company

Colonial Troops Corps (French)

  • French Colonial Infantry Company (Elite)
  • Senegalese Tirailleurs Company

Royal Bavarian Infantry Corps (German)

  • Bavarian Jaegers Company (Elite)
  • Bavarian Infantry Company
  • Bavarian Pioneers Company

New Tank Units

  • Saint-Chamond - French Heavy
  • Leichter Kampfwagen II – German Light (MG and Canon version)

Custom Difficulty Settings

These settings allow you to highly customise each difficulty setting to your liking and create a custom difficulty. Key options include Endless Campaign, Battle Timer adjustments and changes to starting resources such as National Will, Gold Reserves and Global Supply.

Air Recon Missions

A new air mission that will unlock with fighter planes in the tech tree. This mission simulates pilots taking photos from the plane to report on the state of the battlefield.

A plane flying an Air Recon mission

Other Features

  • Target Frame Rate Setting
  • Directed Campaign Objectives
  • Balance and AI Improvements
  • Bug fixes

Join us on our Twitch channel tomorrow at 19:00 BST at twitch.tv/Frontier as we celebrate the release of the above update and go into more detail with the developers. Follow the discussion on Steam as well as Twitter and Facebook for confirmed dates and further news! As always, your feedback and suggestions have been vital in driving these improvements. Continue to let us know about your time on the front.

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