August Update 2.1.0: Further Mod Support
Game Update

August Update 2.1.0: Further Mod Support

Reporting in, Commanders!

Our second mod support update is arriving this Thursday! It will include numerous features and improvements based on your feedback as well as extensions to modding support, allowing you to create unique battlefields and take even greater control of the Western Front. Among the list of additional features is a Campaign Statistics screen to track the impact of your decisions more closely than ever before, alongside a brand-new Historical Battle which will place you in command of Allied forces in the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

Please be aware that given the scope of the changes in this update, users will require new save files for these to take effect. Steam users will be able to use the platform’s Beta system to rollback to a prior version and finish any ongoing campaigns. To do this, right-click The Great War: Western Front in your library, navigate to Properties and select the Betas tab. Then opt into “2.0.1 Rollback Version” in the Beta Participation drop-down menu. If you are playing via Epic Games, we recommend postponing the update until you have completed any ongoing campaigns you would like to finish.

Here is an overview of the content coming in the update:

Modding Tools

Map Editor

This editor will allow you to shape the battlefield to your specifications for use in your other mods! To access the Map Editor, launch it via the in-game Mod Manager.

UI Editor

Like the Map Editor, the UI Editor can be launched via the Mod Manager. This tool allows you to customise the user interface however you prefer.

Historic Battle: The Battle of Vimy Ridge

This Historic Battle will be accessible as a pre-made mod, like the Siege of Paris custom Campaign. This will help demonstrate the possibilities when creating your own Historic Battles.

Vimy Ridge

Other Features

Alongside the additional mod support to compliment the features from June, this update will also contain the following:

New Support Trench Emplacements

  • Ammo Cache - Reduces the cost of all artillery barrages for all artillery companies in the effect radius. WARNING: This will explode when destroyed, causing damage to everything in the area.
  • Anti-Aircraft Cannon - Contains a dedicated anti-air cannon team. Highly effective against aircraft, but cannot fire at other targets. Vulnerable to infantry grenade attacks.

Campaign War Stats Screen

This screen will display in-depth statistics throughout and at the end of your Campaign. It will also track and display the total number of casualties throughout.

War Stats

New Maps

Three new maps will be added to increase variety:

  • Town and Country
  • Secluded Copse
  • Fort Overlook


Numerous other changes and improvements will also arrive in the August update to further enhance the gameplay experience:

  • Bug fixing
  • Balance Changes

Further intel on all the items in this report will be received closer to launch in detailed patch notes. Until then, continue your valiant work on the battlefield! Thank you as always for sharing your suggestions and feedback.

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