The Game

The Game

Relive history, or redefine it. Take control of the Western Front with either the Allied Nations or Central Powers, controlling every aspect of the war effort. Oversee the grand strategy for your side, before entering the battlefield across the Western Front to lead your forces to victory.

Allied Nations
Allied Nations
Central Powers
Central Powers

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  • Nationality Bonus:

    Each country for the Allies comes with a special bonus that applies to all of their infantry companies.

  • Nation Arrival:

    Each of the nations that enter the war later will have a point on the event timeline that corresponds to the earliest those nations can enter the conflict. This point will have a percentage chance that they will enter the war. At that point, military units will become available.

  • Disunity of Command:

    While the allied nations are working to a common goal, they are not unified enough to allow for joint leadership of their troops. As such, some units from different nations will face a morale penalty when stacking together.


  • Unity of Command:

    Unlike the Allied Nations, the Central Powers are a homogenous force fighting under the same flag for the same Generals. They share language, culture and goals for the war. As such, they do not suffer from any morale penalties when stacking troops in a region.

  • Conscription:

    The Central Powers have access to Conscript Infantry units. These units, while less effective in battle, are still very capable of holding the line. Deployed correctly; they can provide the overwhelming numbers needed to gain a victory.

  • National Events:

    The Central Powers do not have any specific "National Arrival" events as only Germany is present on this front. However, there are multiple events that can occur increasing their available troop numbers.

Game Modes

Command your faction throughout the war as Dual-Role Commander. Complete objectives in intense battles reflecting real WW1 conflicts. Choose the parameters of warfare and create unique battles. Or, take the fight online and test your skills against the globe. Check out each mode in The Great War: Western Front…

  • Campaign


     Control the entire war effort for either faction 

    Manage resources, research weaponry, and deploy troops across the Western Front, while crafting a tactical plan for total victory.

  • Skirmish


     Unique WW1 battles in Skirmish 

    Set the rules of engagement and create unique WW1 battles in Skirmish, selecting the units, weaponry, location, condition of the battlefield, and more.

  • Historical Battle

    Historical Battle

     Take charge of pivotal clashes across the Western Front 

    Revisit Historic Battles, with multiple difficulty options, unique objectives, and scenarios reflective of real WW1 battles.

  • Multiplayer


     Go head-to-head with Commanders across the globe 

    Take control as Field Commander, fighting your opponent on the battlefield in epic custom tactical scenarios.



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