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The Great War: Western Front

Out now on PC

Relive history, or redefine it

Play a deciding role in history with this real-time tactical experience as you take charge in the iconic Western Front from 1914 to 1919. Pick your faction and lead your forces to victory.


Historical Authenticity

An authentic WW1 real-time strategy experience

Revel in an authentic historical strategy game that captures the gravity and intensity of The Great War. Partnering with the Imperial War Museums, their expertise enables us to accurately portray these pivotal moments in history.

The Great War: Western Front - Grand Strategy

Dual-Role Commander

Take control of the Western Front

As Theatre Commander, experience enthralling turn-based grand-strategy as you direct the deployment of forces, perform research and carefully consider how you disseminate your resources. Alongside this, take up the mantle of Field Commander in dynamic real-time battles as you direct units to defeat your opponent, build trenches and perform direct assaults by sending your infantry over the top.

The Great War: Western Front - Pastoral Farmland

Persistent Battlefields

A Living World

Battlefields are persistent, and as you continue your push across the Western Front, you will revisit previous battlefields where your trenches will remain and the environment degrades.

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Relive history, or redefine it

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