The Great War: Western Front - Demo Now Available at Steam Next Fest

The Great War: Western Front - Demo Now Available at Steam Next Fest

Your country needs YOU! A gameplay demo of The Great War: Western Front is now available at Steam Next Fest until February 13th.

Enlist today to begin training in the tutorial, where you will learn the basics of trench warfare and much more as American forces arrive in Europe. While we recommend familiarising yourself with the key mechanics and abilities, Bookmarks will allow you to move through the tutorial at your own pace.

Once you are prepared for the real thing, take command of the Western Front in a section of the campaign at the end of the tutorial. You will also have the chance to test your strategy in the historic Second Battle of Passchendaele. Will you succeed in recreating history with an Allied victory?

Pre-order The Great War: Western Front now on Steam and the Epic Games Store, ahead of its launch on March 30 and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and reveals from Petroglyph Games and Frontier Foundry.

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Launching March 30, 2023

Steam Epic

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