‘Defining The Front Line’ – Behind the Scenes of The Great War: Western Front

‘Defining The Front Line’ – Behind the Scenes of The Great War: Western Front

‘Defining The Front Line’ – Behind the Scenes of The Great War: Western Front

In our first behind-the-scenes look at The Great War: Western Front, ‘Defining The Front Line’, we hear from the development team at Petroglyph about the game’s key aspects and goals – from authenticity and accuracy, to strategy and tactics. Check out the video in full here:

The Great War: Western Front provides a unique opportunity to take total command of a significant period in history: The First World War. With an illustrious lineage in strategy titles, the Petroglyph team have set out to create an experience that is not just authentic and dedicated to its subject matter, but also rewarding and exciting. You will make important decisions and strategic moves that reflect the nature of WW1. For example, whilst other wars and battles may focus solely on total victory and dominance, options such as cease fires and surrendering may be worthwhile, cutting your losses in the pursuit of long-term success.

Members of the team, including lead designer Chris Becker and Senior Producer Ted Morris, explain the all-encompassing dual-role gameplay of The Great War: Western Front, which gives you full control over either the Allied Forces or Central Powers. Theatre Commander allows you to prepare for conflict, positioning your units and resources across the front line, researching new technologies, and managing the grand strategy of your side. Field Commander, meanwhile, takes you to the battlefield, as you give the orders and lead your troops into battle in an RTS format.

As with WW1, trench warfare is a pivotal aspect of each battle in The Great War: Western Front. As Field Commander, you will be in charge of placing trenches, barbed wire, machine gun nests, and more ahead of any clash with the enemy. Trench networks are all about creating fields of fire, defending oncoming attacks, and channelling the action in areas that give you the strategic advantage. You can also move your troops through trenches to advance towards the enemy – though eventually, you may well have to go over the top and into no man’s land, which itself requires strategic use of resources to be effective, such as using artillery fire for cover.

Every conflict will be influenced by these decisions, but can also be transformed by the world around you. The living persistent world of The Great War: Western Front means battlefields will be affected by previous clashes, as well as seasonal changes affecting troop capabilities. Find out more about our living persistent world here.

Wishlist The Great War: Western Front now on Steam and Epic Games Store, ahead of its launch in 2023. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news from Petroglyph and Frontier Foundry, and check out our YouTube channel for more gameplay and behind-the-scenes insight.

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