Commanding the Western Front – Behind the scenes of The Great War: Western Front

Commanding the Western Front – Behind the scenes of The Great War: Western Front

We hope you enjoyed the first behind-the-scenes video, Defining the Front Line, where we heard from Petroglyph about The Great War: Western Front's key aspects and goals. Now, our second behind-the-scenes discussion moves on to Commanding the Western Front as we dive deeper into the Campaign and the difficult choices you will have to make to lead your chosen faction to victory:

In The Great War: Western Front, you will command either the Allied Nations' or Central Powers' forces with unique strategy required for either side. Each have their own set of features, presenting unique advantages and challenges. In the video, Petroglyph examine the ways you can make history your own through the events system, tech tree, and more, ensuring that no playthrough is ever the same. 

The Theatre Map

They go on to discuss The Great War: Western Front's dual roles. Throughout the Campaign, players will play at the Theatre and Field levels, each of which involve crucial decision making and planning. The Theatre Commander role demands careful planning and management of the Western Front as you attempt to push the front line forward while maintaining your economy. As Field Commander, you must make the most of your resources and apply your tactics and trench warfare knowledge to win the war of inches. Each role affects the other and mastering the interplay between them is the key to victory.

We hope you enjoy the developers' insights and we'll see you on the Front, Commanders. 

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