The Allied Nations and the Central Powers: Choose Your Faction

The Allied Nations and the Central Powers: Choose Your Faction

By July 1914, two rival powers had formed within Europe. The Triple Entente consisted of Britain, France, and Russia and was later joined by others, becoming known as the Allied Nations. The Triple Alliance was formed by Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. Both forces were fueled by suspicion of the other. In the eyes of the Triple Entente, Germany had become a political and military powerhouse at the centre of Europe, posing a significant threat. From Germany's perspective, it was surrounded by constant potential enemies to both the east and the west and under mounting pressure.

In The Great War: Western Front, you will command the armies of your chosen faction – either the Allied Nations or Central Powers. Each will present unique opportunities according to their strengths and weaknesses. Understanding and using these differences will be key to gaining an advantage over the enemy.

Australian infantry charge forward

The Allied Nations

A coalition of countries including Britain, France, Belgium, USA, Australia, Canada, and India joined forces to fight against the Central Powers. These Allied Nations overcame language barriers and utilised varying expertise to battle across the Western Front; from the daring British fighter pilots to the ingenious French tank engineers, to millions of troops on the ground from across the globe. As Commander of the Allied Nations, you must make the best tactical use of these resources, manage morale and research new ways to turn your troops' proficiencies into victory on the battlefield. Each nation which enters the war later in the Campaign will have a point on the event timeline designating the earliest moment they can enter conflict. These events are known as National Arrivals. Anticipate the arrival of additional nations' troops and resources to manage your strategy effectively at the Theatre level.

Nationality Bonuses

Each country for the Allies has a unique bonus which applies to all of their infantry companies:

Britain: Crack Shot: Infantry have 10% additional vision and rifle range.

France: Home Advantage: Infantry companies cost less supply to field as reinforcements

Belgium: Unbreakable: All negative morale modifiers are reduced by 50%

USA: Tank Fans: Infantry gain better morale bonuses and less penalties when around any tanks.

Australia: Stone Wall: Companies receive 10% additional cover from firing trenches.

Canada: Synchronized: Infantry gain additional benefit from Smoke or Rolling barrage cover bonuses.

India: Gurkhas: Base infantry are less effective in the French climate, but corps gain Ghurka raiders.

National Arrivals

Co-ordinating the arrival of additional nations, taking advantage of nationality bonuses, and deploying specialised units effectively can all give the Allies' an advantage. However, you will suffer one key weakness. While the Allied Nations are working to a common goal, they are not unified enough to allow for joint leadership of their troops. As such, some units from different nations will face a morale penalty when stacking together. Place and transport your troops intelligently to minimise the disruption within your ranks. The following nations’ troops belong to a set can be stacked together without penalty: Britain, Canada, India, and Australia. American and French troops will receive a penalty when stacked with any other nation’s troops (with one exception). Meanwhile, Belgian troops can stack with British or French troops without penalty.

German light artillery

The Central Powers

A homogenous army, well-drilled and efficient in their fighting, the Central Powers were led by Germany, citing a need to defend themselves from the mobilisation of forces in Russia from the east and France from the west. Whilst the Central Powers lack the diverse expertise of the Allied Nations. Lead the Central Powers and turn the Western Front into German territory with Paris as your primary target.

Unlike the Allied Nations, the Central Powers are a homogenous force fighting under the same flag for the same Generals. They share language, culture, and goals for the war. As such, they do not suffer from any morale penalties when stacking troops in a region. Use this to your advantage when positioning your troops along the front, forcing the Allies to group troops together and receive a morale penalty. While receiving National Arrival events is unique to the Allies, the Central Powers still have access to other events throughout the Campaign which grant additional troops.

Conscript Infantry

The Central Powers have access to a roster of unique units. One of these are Conscript Infantry which may be less effective than standard troops individually, but may be deployed in overwhelming numbers to outlast the enemy as casualties mount.

We trust that as both Field and Theatre Commander, you still strategise according to your faction's strengths and exploit the enemy's weaknesses. Make sure to adjust your strategy and develop technology through the tech tree to achieve this. Doing so will be crucial to tipping the needle in your favour in battle and ultimately winning the war.

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