The Great War: Western Front – Extended First Look Gameplay Revealed

The Great War: Western Front – Extended First Look Gameplay Revealed

Lead your troops. Craft a strategy for victory. Shape the course of history.

Frontier Foundry and developers Petroglyph are delighted to reveal a first look at gameplay from The Great War: Western Front, launching on PC in 2023. First shown during this week’s PC Gaming Show, this extended first look shows more of the ‘dual-role’ strategic gameplay players can expect, an overview of the Campaign, and more of the vital aspects you’ll control in this World War 1 strategy experience.

With a significant pedigree of delivering acclaimed strategy games, Petroglyph invites you to take command of either the Allied Nations or Central Powers in WW1. In Campaign, players will take the lead role in guiding their troops through the war, both on the battlefield and back at base.

As the Theatre Commander, oversee the grand strategy of the war effort by carefully disseminating your resources, researching new technologies, and selecting your points for attack and defence. In this turn-based aspect of The Great War: Western Front, each turn is equivalent to one month, as you set up plans and forces for individual battles across the front-line – with each victory depleting the defences of the enemy, taking you one step closer to victory.

Field Commander, meanwhile, sees you put boots on the ground in RTS gameplay. Watch each battle for a region unfold, deploy units at your discretion, set up your defences, and choose when and how to launch your attacks. Setting up your network of trenches effectively will also be crucial, giving your troops cover from artillery fire and the ability to move across the battlefield with more safety. Decide whether to prioritise defensively, with barbed wire and machine gun nests to slow enemy advances, or go on the offensive, with your own artillery setups and tanks to lead the charge over the top. In a war of inches, every decision in every battle is critical. In real-time, make your own decisions to tip the balance in your favour.

Whether as Theatre Commander or Field Commander, you’ll not only be battling the enemy, but also the conditions. Plan your efforts across a living persistent world, filled with a variety of maps that will carry the mark of previous conflicts, which can drastically alter the landscape of a battle.

Relive history, or redefine it. In The Great War: Western Front, the decision lies in your hands.

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Relive history, or redefine it

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